The Proof is in the Language

“We were given minds…” “Fish were given gills…” “Some things are meant to be…” “Life was made for moments like these…” There is something all these statements share, something they all have in common. Given, meant, made. All these words imply some sort of grand design, some sort of structure to the universe. They imply Someone to give, or to make, or to mean. You wouldn’t be surprised to hear a pastor or an ordinary Churchgoer uttering statements like these. But what is remarkable, in my opinion, is that you hear devout non-Christians, people on the radio, atheists, agnostics and evolutionary scientists saying things like this all the time. These are the people who would talk until they are blue in the face trying to prove there is no God.

It amazes me that no one has, to my knowledge, remarked upon these people’s succinct and simple defeat of their own arguments. It amazes me more to think about the basic assumptions these people make, when they are not spouting scientific arguments. In normal conversation, they seem to acknowledge the existence of some kind of higher design, at least before they catch themselves, and then it’s back to the old arguments. There is no God. There is no meaning. Everything is an accident. There is no truth. Do not question the meaning of meaning, because that is all uneducated drivel. We are enlightened. We know better.

In my mind, if people were just animals, they wouldn’t need to make these scientific arguments. They wouldn’t have to explain away something they don’t believe in, because they wouldn’t care. The fact that these people seem to be able to agree that there is such a thing as right and wrong, even while they argue for a world made by accident out of nothing, is something of a tip that these things are very real, and deeply ingrained into our natures. The proof is in their language, in the fact that such words as ‘good’ and ‘evil’ even exist at all. Intelligent monkeys don’t invent cosmic truth. Neither do people, for that matter. Cosmic truth comes only from a Devine, Cosmic Entity.

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