Official Title and Cover Release

Cover Image:


Hey, everybody! This is the official title and cover release for my upcoming novella, Behind Her Mask was Death. I am currently still editing it, just getting rid of all those annoying little punctuation errors and things before I send it to any reviewers and put it up on Amazon. I will do an official press release when it’s available for pre-order, but until then, here are a few more details about the book:

Genre: Mystery/Fantasy

Audience: Young Adult

From the Back Cover:

People don’t usually think about death,especially not on the night they are going to die…

Devon Lavender never thought he’d end up in the middle of a murder mystery. But when an unnamed red haired woman dies in his arms on the dance floor in the middle of the Prince’s extravagant costume ball,it would seem obvious to everyone who the killer is.Devon finds himself with one chance, and one chance only,to prove his innocence and discover the real murderer, before it’s too late.

If you’re interested in my book, please share this, Tweet this, or do whatever you do on social media! Help me get the word out.


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