The Poet’s Corner: Autumn

I keep telling myself to write something other than Wednesday with Words posts on here. I’ve always wanted to write a poem about Autumn, because it is my favorite season. Here my attempt for your consideration:


Lady Autumn

Young Lady Spring has grown tall.

Summer’s fruit is ripening.

Soon she shall blossom into Fall

The season of cold reckoning.


Wheat and corn, rising high,

‘till men cut down the golden wall.

Trees reach up to touch the sky

Soon dying leaves will gently fall.


Colors burn before they die,

And drift in banks across the ground.

Like fires shining in the night,

One by one they put them out.


Lady Autumn wears her cloak

Of colors, red and orange and gold.

She walks the fields, sowing Hope,

For Spring shall rise when Winter’s old.


Seasons cycle, years go by,

Ever old and ever new.

The leaves, still in their banks they lie,

Forgotten, wet by morning dew.


When Lady Spring has grown tall,

And Summer’s Sun is brightening,

Clear the way for lovely Fall,

And brilliant colors ripening.

One thought on “The Poet’s Corner: Autumn

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