Wednesday with Words: More Lemony Snicket

So… Yes, I have come to inflict another miserable Lemony Snicket quote upon you. I quite recently finished A Series of Unfortunate Events, and although I don’t really like how it ended, I was left with the feeling that the books as a whole had a deeper meaning. This bit of dialogue, from The Grim Grotto, sums up, I think, Lemony Snicket’s biggest point: People aren’t wholly good or wholly bad.


On my reading list this week:

Still Life by Jaqueline West: I still have a little bit left of The Strangers, but still I’m almost finished with this surprisingly wonderful middle grade fantasy series. It’s creepy, but cool, and would definitely be enjoyed by fans of N. D. Wilson’s 100 Cupboards books.

Operative by Anela Deen: I was given the first too books of indie author Anela Deen’s Insurrection series in exchange for entering a Kindle Fire giveaway on her blog. They’re pretty short (Subversive, the first one, is only 30 pages), but definitely high on action. There are a couple of bad words and some sci-fi violence, but thoroughly enjoyable all the same. I’ll most likely be buying the next installments, because I simply must know what happens next. 😛

The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas: I’ve started school again, and this is my new literature book. My dad really likes it, and even though I’ve only read the first two chapters I’m finding it quite interesting as well.

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