Wednesday with Words: Zion

Yes, its another Roots of American Order quote. It’s just such an interesting book! Russell Kirk views the roots of law and order through a biblical lens, tracing them all the way back to Israel, a little nation of people who were chosen by God to be his people. They weren’t powerful, or wealthy. They didn’t even have a real king, for a while, at least. But God chose them, even with all their failings.

Israel and Judah were petty states, not very different in political structure from some other petty states of the ancient Levant; as states, they perished under the might of the vast empires that had menaced them from their beginnings. It is not Jerusalem the political capital that signifies much: it is Jerusalem -repeatedly ruined and depopulated, but always rising from the ashes- as Zion, the home of the name of God, that looms immense.

Russell Kirk,

The Roots of American Order

On my reading list this week:

Inquisitor by Anela Deen: I won a micro fiction contest over on Anela’s blog, and in the congratulatory email she sent me, she asked me if I wanted a copy of the third book in her amazing sci-fi series (I’d read the two previous ones and reviewed them on Goodreads, and she’d seen that I enjoyed them 🙂 ) I haven’t actually started it yet. I want to! I should. But, school…

Founding Father by Richard Brookhiser: I guess there’s a lot I don’t know about George Washington, and a lot most people don’t know either. This book takes a close look at his story. (Spoiler alert! He never chopped down that cherry tree…)

The Witchcraft of Salem Village by Shirley Jackson: A rather disturbing book about strange goings on in a tiny American village. I’ve only read the first few chapters, and my mom told me that I’ve got to decide for myself whether I think it was really ‘witchcraft’ or whatever, so, no opinions yet.

And, a note to those who have been faithfully following my Wednesday with Words posts: Yes, I did (finally) finish The Books of Elsewhere, after taking forever to read the last one. It was great, actually! I’m glad I read it. Now, I just have to finish Bleak House, and the Auralia Thread, and the Lunar Chronicles…

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