Wednesday with Words: Common Sense

Today’s Wednesday with Words quote is from Common Sense by Thomas Paine. Paine wrote this pamphlet back in the days of the American Revolution, as something of an argument against monarchy and the hereditary inheritance of government or social positions, but much of what he says (So far, anyway. I’ve only read the first section!) seems to be very relevant to politics and society today. There are so many good quotes in the first section alone, but I’ve chosen this one to share with you today:

Common Sense

On my reading list this week: 

The Song of Ghost and Glory by N. D. Wilson: As some of you may know, N. D. Wilson is by far my favorite author, and so I’m super thrilled that he has a new book out this month! I just got my pre-order copy of this second installment in the Outlaws of Time series last week, and I’m flying through it. It’s just so good!

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austin: Just started this one for school, and I’m enjoying it so far. My mom loves this book a lot, and I’m hoping I will too.

Ember Falls by S. D. Smith: I’ve only just started this, but I have high hopes. I did enjoy the original Green Ember book, but I felt it had some issues with the pacing of the plot. My dad has read Ember Falls already, and says that the pacing is very much improved, so I am excited to jump in to this new story of Rabbits with Swords!

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