Wednesday with Words: Stories of Imagination

Hey, everyone! Just a quick Wednesday with Words post today (to let you know that I’m still alive 😛). Today, I have a quote from Terry Pratchett, who is one of my favorite authors.

Terry Pratchett

On my reading list this week:

Wingfeather TalesEdited by Andrew Peterson: I got this book from the Cincinnati Great Homeschool Convention, where Mr. Peterson himself gave a talk and also a special concert. I got him to sign my copy! I’ve only just started reading the first story, but it is already promising to be good. Also, one of the tales was written by N. D. Wilson, my all time favorite author, and I’m very excited about reading that one. 😉

 And… to be honest, that’s about it, except for school reading. Yes, I am having a bit of a reading slump. But I am making up for it by writing! I promise!

Wednesdays with Words is hosted by ladydusk.


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