The Poet’s Corner: Autumn Gold

Autumn Gold

Walk down by the riverside

In the rain. Watch the tide

Of current sweeping leaves away

Under skies of frigid gray.


The leaves drop down

One by one. They make no sound

As they drop upon the river.

Close your eyes. Freeze and shiver.


I stand here in that bone-ache cold.

Please, drown my soul in autumn gold.

Gold washed off the trees by rain

Runs in slurries, leaving stains.


A stream of leaves upon the ground.

Wet and crushed and beaten down.

Colors dulled by muddy feet.

Still, leaves fall in rainbow sleet.


Shut your eyes. Look away.

The leaves are falling everyday.

Who cares enough to watch them now?

They will always be around.


Crush them all beneath your shoes.

Stare at phones. Be amused.

Nature is a worthless bore.

You’ve seen it many times before.


Colors blossom on the trees,

But pumpkin spice is all we need.

Seasons pass us all the same,

Measured by our loss and gain.


Will someone market me the trees?

Will someone sell us times like these?

Are these times of silent thought

Another thing that can be bought?


Distract me now with something new.

Freeze me till my lips turn blue.

Ice my heart and chill my soul.

Turn my eyes from autumn gold.


Bow my head. Break my back.

Help me to forget what I lack.

I used to look up at the sky,

But now I watch the ground go by.


I tread the leaves into the ground.

The leaves are falling all around.

How long until we will start

To open up our eyes and heart?


I hear your voice among the trees.

I hear you call. I whisper, “Please,

Oh, please drown my soul in autumn gold.

I long to see your world unfold.”

Autumn Gold.png

5 thoughts on “The Poet’s Corner: Autumn Gold

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  2. What a wonderful reminder to take in the days as they come. I’m not as much of a fan of autumn as I used to be, as I miss the warm and light days of summer. But wow, I don’t want it to be winter yet! Time to enjoy the golden leaves. I like the imagery and the rhythm of your piece. Well done. 🙂

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