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The biggest Marvel film ever is finally here…

With ten years of experience and 19 films under it’s belt, Marvel Studios seems too big to fail. And while you might expect the quality of these high-powered action flicks to go down as they pump out more and more of them each year (and rake in the cash with every new release), the superhero juggernaut  has yet to stumble. Each new film seems bigger and better than the last, and their quality (both of production and of story) has gone up, if anything.

We knew this was coming: the crossover to end all crossovers. All the heroes in one big movie, facing off against a single villain with the power to snuff out half the life in the universe with a snap of his fingers.

Quite frankly, this movie could have been an enormous mess. There are about 40 speaking roles in this two-and-a-half-hour film, and if you don’t think that sounds like a lot, trust me, it is. Trying to work all these characters into a cohesive plot encompassing their motivations, past actions, and new revelations and plot twists is certainly a daunting task. Add in the fact that you’ve got rabid fans breathing down your neck, picking every trailer and press release to shreds and theorizing about everything, and it’s got to be quite a feat to formulate a unique and compelling film with plot twists to surprise even the most die-hard theorists.

Now, I’m not saying that Marvel was able to do that, at least not entirely. Just about everything has been done before in the comics at some point, so it would have been ridiculously difficult to come up with a totally new storyline for these characters. However, what the writers of Infinity War have done is to take a lot of storylines from the comics, weave them together, and then take the liberty to play fast and loose with fans’ expectations, the order of events, and with who they’ve killed off. I’m not going to totally spoil it here, but let’s just say that within the first five minutes of the film, two fan-favorite characters are already dead, and I actually really respect this choice. You want the stakes to be sky high in a film like this.

Thanos, the all-powerful main villain of the Marvel franchise, has been quite depowered from his godlike status in the comics. While he is more than a match for any one hero on their own, working together they are able to keep him at bay, at least for a little while. While Thanos grows more powerful throughout the course of the film, I don’t think that he is overpowered. There’s a really good give and take, a continual question of whether or not our heroes will be able to defeat him, and the stakes do feel very real. I didn’t think that anything in the film was played out just to make it longer, if that makes sense. Every fight happens for a reason. Every character dies for a reason. There are no superfluous moments bogging down what is already a massive storyline.

Another interesting thing about this film is that it’s Thanos who really steals the show. While you could try to pick a main character out of our legion of superheroes, Infinity War is really Thanos’s movie. I’ve heard people have called him a relateable character, but I don’t think that’s the correct term. He is sympathetic, even while he is terribly twisted and evil. He may be the most well-rounded villain Marvel has ever brought to the screen. It would have been very easy to make him a simple cardboard-cutout baddie for our heroes to battle against, but his depth of character and sympathetic nature are a huge factor in what made this film so good.

We never actually get all of the superheroes together in one big scene, which is fine, because that would have been completely overwhelming. Everyone gets kind of split into groups going after different objectives, and you’d think that might get confusing, but the each storyline balances very well with all the others, and it never feels like we’re getting too much of one group and not enough of the others. While most of the action scenes in Infinity War are absolutely cut the shreds (a complaint that I have with most Marvel films), the action, humor, and emotional moments of the film are perfectly balanced. It is neither overly humorous (like Thor: Ragnarok) nor overly dark and dismal.

I guess you could complain that in order to understand Infinity War you have to have seen all 18 of the previous films, but the story is so rich and so intricately and masterfully woven together throughout this franchise that, in my mind, it’s worth it. Unfortunately, at this point I haven’t seen either of the Guardians of the Galaxy films, so I did feel like I was missing out a bit on all the character dynamics and story from that group. But that’s totally on me, and not the film’s fault at all. If you are going to see Infinity War, I would definitely recommend watching (or re-watching) the other films first, just so you don’t miss out on any of the brilliance of the biggest (best?) Marvel film yet.

Now we’ve just got to wait for Part 2…

Final rating: 5 out of 5 stars!

“To infinity, and beyond!”

Content note: As with most Marvel films, there is quite a bit of fantasy/sci-fi action violence in this film, as well as some bad language, and a bit of crude humor. I would definitely recommend caution for younger children.

I hope you enjoyed my review of Avengers: Infinity War! Have you gotten to see the movie yet? Did they kill off your favorite character? (The pain is real…) Let’s chat in the comments!

See you again soon.


5 thoughts on “Movie Review: Avengers Infinity War

  1. *applauds* I LOVE your reviews!!! All of them, particularly this one just come across so well thought through and professional, and I love your writing style. Out of the ones I’ve read, this is the best Infinity War review I’ve seen. It’s so hard for me to write up legit reviews off of movies that overwhelm and confuse me emotionally and mentally lol! Let’s just say you are an amazing movie critic/reviewer. 😀
    Anyhow, I never really thought through how badly such a big film would need to kill off a fan favorite in order to raise stakes in the beginning. I was just mourning over the fact that it happened without any regard to the writer’s perspective in choosing to do so. XD I also really like your thoughts on Thanos. Reading this makes me want to go see it again!

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    • Haha, thank you so much! Personally, I often feel like my reviews are super disjointed and confusing, so it’s really nice to hear that somebody actually thinks they’re good… 😅

      If you can, I would go see Infinity War again. I’ve seen it twice now (once with my dad, and then again when my brother went to see it), and it’s definitely even better the second time around. Seeing it twice really helped me write this review as well. Usually I’m working off a single viewing of a film when I review it, and sometimes I forget important stuff, especially with a movie this big!

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  2. I’m pretty much the only person alive who is refusing to see this one (because of the rumored deaths among those who haven’t viewed it yet or aren’t sharing spoilers). I like my superhero movies to be a little silly, lots of special effects, a realistic plot, but not depressing or way, way dark. And while I agree with Aria that it’s a gutsy move (for the writers/directors) to determine certain characters will kick the bucket, *and* actually carry it out, personally as a fan, I don’t care to see it. And I’m allowed that.

    I agree with Susannah that your review gave a good overview without spoilers, and was a lot more satisfying to read than most of the “oh my gosh, I’m dead, just go to the cinema already” silliness I’ve been seeing around the internet. 😛 That’s a recap of your personal state, not a review, folks…

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    • Thank you so much! I’m glad you enjoyed the review. I wouldn’t say Infinity War was depressing? (SPOILER ALERT: I think a lot of the characters that they “killed off” in the later part of the film are probably coming back in Part 2, but we’ll see) Obviously, it’s you’re choice whether or not you want to go see it, but personally I found it to be a lot more enjoyable than I thought it would be, and not quite as traumatic as I’d anticipated (although I’ll admit I have lost a bit of the my emotional connection with Marvel characters at this point, after having seen so. many. films. 😅)

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