Wednesday With Words: Innovation

I’m not exactly sure where I first heard of the book, but Real Artists Don’t Starve by Jeff Goins has been on my ‘to read’ list on Goodreads for over a year now. It’s only recently that I actually got a copy from the library and started reading it, but that seems like perfect timing, considering that I’ve been questioning whether or not I can actually look at my creative work as a viable option for making money someday, or if I need to scrap that and look for a different career. So far, the book is mostly about cultivating the creative mindset of a Thriving Artist, instead of wallowing in the self pity of a starving one. One of the things the Starving Artist worries about is being ‘original’, and Goins has devoted an entire chapter of the book to talking about how we as creators must learn to borrow from other creators and rearrange all the creative works that have come before us into something ‘new’. After all, there’s nothing really new under the sun, is there? (Apparently not, because a quote from Mary Shelley I shared earlier this year talked about this idea as well!)


On my reading list this week:

  •  Pat of Silver Bush by L. M. Montgomery: This was on my Grandma’s bookshelf when I visited her recently, and she said I could borrow it! I love many of L. M. Montgomery’s books, so I’m always excited to find a new one I haven’t yet read.
  • Christy by Catherine Marshall: I’m supposed to be reading this for the Back to the Classics Challenge. Unfortunately, I’ve fallen a bit behind, and it’s quite a large book! Hopefully I’ll be able to finish it up before the end of the year.

Thanks so much for reading this week’s Wednesday with Words post! I know it’s been approximately 5,000 years since I’ve done one of these, but I’d love to get back in the habit. No promises, though! 😛

See you again soon!


5 thoughts on “Wednesday With Words: Innovation

  1. That’s a great post, especially since I’ve been thinking the same the last couple of weeks. And as for artists copying other artists and making their work unique and original from that, that has been going on since the ancient days. I’ve been reading a book I’ve been wanting to finish for a long time about the history of Ireland. Not only is it really intriguing and I’ve learned so much, but it also said that in there. The Celtic artists copied Egyptian designs and then twisted them to make them their own, eventually creating the famous knots we know today. And music artists do the same thing. I know our culture is big on originality, but there is no real NEW. There’s just the old being skillfully sculpted until it seems new. Never stop writing, even if it’s just a hobby. You are really gifted in that area, Aria!

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  2. I enjoyed your post, Aria. Always keep writing, even if you do something else, too. I remember reading Christy many years ago, and really liking that story so much! Blessings~

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