30 Day Drawing Challenge: Day 30

Day 30: Draw an Instrument.

An instrument is never completely without someone to play it. This drawing was done with inking pens and Sharpie markers and may or may not be based upon someone I know personally. šŸ˜›


Thanks for sticking with me through all 30 Days! I hope you enjoyed my drawings. šŸ™‚ See you all tomorrow for the release ofĀ Behind Her Mask was Death!

30 Day Drawing Challenge: Day 28

Day 28: Draw an Elf.

Okay, okay. So he’s notĀ technicallyĀ an elf. He’s a Hylian, or whatever. But, in my defense, he does have pointy ears. Anyway, I’m looking forward to (hopefully) procuring a copy ofĀ The Legend of Zelda: Twilight PrincessĀ and finally getting to play it. So, in honor of that hope, I have drawn Link, the Hero of Time and Light and whatnot. He was drawn with inking pens and colored with Sharpie markers.


See everyone tomorrow for Day 29!

30 Day Drawing Challenge: Day 27

Day 27: Draw a Robot.

Wow. It’s only three days until this drawing challenge is over! I can hardly believe it. I really hope you guys have enjoyed my drawings, and I hope you’ll enjoy this one as well.

So, today my brothers were watching Pixar’sĀ WALL-E,Ā for probably the eight thousandth time. I was wondering what to draw (I’m not that great at drawing robots anyway) and one of my brothers begged me to draw WALL-E. I know it says to draw ‘a robot’, but I put EVE in there anyway, mostly because I was trying to fill space on the page. Anyway, this drawing was done with an inking marker, inking pens and colored with Prismacolor pencil crayons.


See you all tomorrow for the 28th Day of my Drawing Challenge! We are almost done! Yay! šŸ˜€

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30 Day Drawing Challenge: Day 25

Day 25: Draw a Hybrid Animal.

Okay, so like a few days after I joined Twitter, these odd, furry, feather creatures suddenly became one of the biggest trends. That’s right. Meowls. Part cat, part owl, these adorable fluffy flying creatures took over Twitter, and my heart… Okay, exaggeration. They are pretty cute though. And maybe their popularity is not a surprise, considering the internet’s rather absurdĀ fascination with cats…

This drawing was done in pencil, and is probably not the most adorable thing you will ever see. For more Meowls (none of them mine), click here.


See everyone tomorrow for Day 26!

30 Day Drawing Challenge: Day 24

Day 24: Draw your favorite season.

Can you guess what my favorite season is??? Yeah, its fall. I love the early days of fall, when its crisp, but not too cold, and all the trees are bursting with color. Summer’s too hot, winter’s too bleak, spring’s too wet. But fall is just right (from my perspective, anyway.) I even wrote a poem about it. Anyway, today’s drawing was done with an inking marker, inking pens, and colored with Prismacolor pencil crayons.


*Nota Bene* that shapeless thing on the tree limb is a cat. You can’t really see his eyes… šŸ˜¦

See you all tomorrow for Day 25!

30 Day Drawing Challenge: Day 21

Day 21: Draw a fairy.

I was never into fairies or princesses much when I was younger. It was always Bob the Builder or Thomas the Tank Engine for me (Weird right? I know. I can hardly stand those shows now…) Anyway, fairies are still very funĀ to draw, and this one was drawn usingĀ inking pens and colored with Sharpie markers:


See you tomorrow for Day 22!