Wednesday with Words: Rejoice Ever More

Hey, everyone! I know I didn’t post a Wednesday with Words last week (I had a really, really bad flu with a high fever, and was feeling way too loopy to try to write anything at all coherent), but I’m back this week, so… yay? (I was able to post the tutorial last week, as it was pre-written. I’m not a Wednesday with Words slacker, I promise!) 😛 Anyway, once again, I have another John Adams quote. I’m nearly done this term of school, and consequently I’m finishing up a bunch of books, including John Adams by David McCullough, this week. John Adams is such an amazing writer, and he has so many good quotes, so I thought I should share one more with you before I finish the book.

John Adams 2

On a more author-ish note, I’m doing my best to get back to work! I’ve had a huge writing slump over the past couple of weeks, but I have so many projects I need to work on, so, get back to work, Aria! 🙂 ‘Tiles’, Chapter 5 of The Tangle, will be up on Saturday, so I’ll see you then! Bye for now.

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Wednesday with Words: Poetry

One of the history books I’m reading for school is John Adams by David McCullough. It is a very interesting book, giving a great deal of insight into the life of John Adams, mostly through the many letters he wrote to his wife and children and friends while he was away helping shape the future of America, be it in the Philadelphia convention or as an underpaid ambassador to France. This is a quote from one of those letters, written to his son John Quincy, giving him some good general advice:


On my reading list this week:

Anne of Ingleside by L. M. Montgomery: As I said in the last Wednesday with Words post, I’ve been working my way steadily through the Anne of Green Gables books, and suddenly it seems I’ve come to the last one! This link goes to the beautiful Sourcebooks Fire paperback edition, which I absolutely love. My mom has the whole series in these editions on a shelf downstairs, and they are so pretty!

Little Dorrit by Charles Dickens: Yes, I am still reading this. We have an audiobook edition, and I downloaded it onto my iPod, but my iPod seems to be rather finicky (it’s fairly old), and on chapter 63 of 70 it started glitching out, and wouldn’t let me listen to the rest, so… I had to get a paperback copy from the library. I’ve got about five chapters left. It’s just so long!

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