Movie Review: The River Thief

I love everything N. D. Wilson. I’ve read all of his fiction books. So when I heard he was making a movie, I was (of course) super excited. THE RIVER THIEF does not disappoint. With beautiful, sweeping cinematography, well crafted and acted characters, and a story that packs a powerful punch, there’s nothing more I could ask from N. D. Wilson’s screen debut.

THE RIVER THIEF follows the story of Diz, a homeless, parent-less kid who takes what he likes when he wants it. He’s following a river through the countryside to find the town where his father is supposed to be. He doesn’t know whether he wants to meet his father or kill him, but when he crosses paths with a girl named Selah and her grandfather, his entire life changes.

I love how beautifully this film is shot. The sweeping landscape shots take my breath away, and the action is tight and controlled. No excessive shaky cam here! The acting is also very good. The film is actually a bit more mature than I expected. There is a fair amount of violence and some cussing, as well as some slight innuendo (a rather crazy, protective woman accuses a man of ‘touching her son inappropriately’. The man does nothing more than grab the boy by the collar, mistaking him for someone else. Also a girl says that she ‘can’t be bought and she isn’t a whore’ after a boy gives her a bunch of gifts trying to get her attention.) I’d give it a PG-13 rating.

The story is very powerful and emotional, and I caught myself getting a bit choked up at the end! Overall, I am blown away. This is unlike any Christian film I have ever seen. A wonderful movie for teens and adults alike. Five Stars!