The Tangle

The Tangle Ebook Cover

The Tangle is my first full length novel. I was asked by the founder of to write a series for the website. This is the result. The book is slightly experimental. I’m playing around with styles and genres after having written fantasy for basically my whole life.

Note: This novel was previously released as a series on

Genre: Paranormal Suspense

Audience: Young Adult

Release Date: November 4th, 2017

Warning! This book is fairly creepy.

It was supposed to be River’s eleventh birthday. It turns out to be nothing but a nightmare.

When River finds herself imprisoned in a strange house, belonging to a mysterious man called Uncle, she only knows one thing: She must escape. But every power in the house, it seems, is bent on keeping her within its twisted walls. The creatures that patrol the halls may be deadly, and River may have nothing but her wit and her will, but, with the help of several unlikely allies, she just might be able to make her way out of the house before she becomes nothing more than a mindless prisoner.