30 Day Drawing Challenge: Day 6

Day 6: Draw a childhood memory

(I must confess that I do not like how this drawing came out, but here goes) So, when pondering what exactly I should endeavor to illustrate for today, I remembered, for some reason, that there are a lot of cicadas around this year, which reminded me of how I used to collect cicada shells, back when I didn’t loath bugs for the creepy, crawly things they are. This is (supposed to be) a drawing of a much younger me looking in awe at a cicada, although I must confess that a) my head is too big, even for a little kid. b) I am bad at drawing trees/bugs/also scenery in general. Anyway, this drawing was done with inking pens and Sharpie markers, although I must remind myself never to leave such large skies that must be colored in, because it wears out the markers really quickly. 😦


Also, yes, that butterfly looks evil. It wasn’t on purpose, but it happened. Also, this is just a weird looking drawing. I am too short!

See you guys tomorrow for Day 7! (On which day I will hopefully have something more interesting to illustrate)

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